The Miller Genealogy

How this began.

My interest in genealogy research began at the age of 15 after a conversation with my grandmother, Mary Catherine (Jannink) Miller. That was 50 years ago. At this point I have identified over 396 of my grandparents. The number of people in the genealogy database has exceeded 18,000. I have met many wonderful people that I would have never known had I not started this project.



My bragging piece.

Since this is the Genealogy page, I would like to show off some pictures of my 3 children, LeiLani, Rick, and Brandee and my 7 grandchildren, Sebastian, Chrissea, David, Jordan, Jaedon, Violet, & Forrest.

My ancestry.

A complete list of all my direct line ancestors is included as an Ahnentafel chart. I am listed as person # 1. To follow the chart back through the generations simply click on the Parents/Child link to the left of each entry.

Hyperlinks within the data will link you to photos and/or other items concerning the person/date/event highlighted. I intend to include photographs and scanned document images whenever possible.


Wheeler/Ellis research.

January 2015. A big breakthrough on William and Lucy's only daughter. Thank you Jason! Click here for more details.

The "Wheeler Project" is still active. Do you have any information to contribute? Please let me know by sending an email to me here.


Additional Links.

I have been gathering images of documents as I find them. Those images that are not directly related to the people on the Ahnentafel chart above can be found by visiting this page.

My entire genealogy database has been uploaded to the WorldConnect project of I try to update it at least twice a year. All information about living individuals has been removed. You can view that database by clicking on this link.


Genealogy Links

Looking for genealogy connections? Check out Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the internet by clicking on the image below.

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites
 on the Internet

Check out these related message boards on (I am the moderator on most of them).

Boddicker   Fiederlein   Jannink   Scholand   Vikturek

Much of my mother's ancestry is rooted in Southern Illinois. Hamilton & White counties for the most part - below are links to two related sites.

Hamilton County Historical Society.

Genealogy Society of White County.


Contact Information:

Send comments/suggestions to me at Record Ranch, or VABB.

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